Unveiling Courage: EPCOT Hosts George W. Bush’s Military Portraits Exhibit

Unveiling Courage: EPCOT Hosts George W. Bush's Military Portraits Exhibit

Disney’s New Exhibit: Portraits of Courage

  • Disney will host the “Portraits of Courage: A Commander’s Tribute to America’s Warriors,” exhibit by George W. Bush Institute, at EPCOT’s American Adventure pavilion for a year starting June 9.
  • The exhibit comprises 60+ full-color portraits of service members and veterans since 9/11, painted by President Bush post his presidency.
  • The veteran’s inspiring story accompanies each portrait, showcasing their bravery, recovery journey, and post-service contributions.
  • The exhibit aims to support and heighten veterans’ profiles, providing resources like a mental and brain health care connection tool, Check-In.
  • Maintaining its 100-year-long admiration for U.S military service, Disney salutes its veteran workforce through the Heroes Work Here initiative and perks for military families.

About Disney Experiences

  • Disney Experiences brings together Disney’s myriad brands to create lasting memories worldwide.
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About the George W. Bush Institute

  • The George W. Bush Institute is a solution-oriented, nonpartisan policy entity, working on ensuring opportunities for all, democracy strengthening, and promoting free societies.
  • Rooted in compassionate conservative values, the Institute utilizes its unique platform to create positive change globally and nationally.

The Realist’s Take

Seems like a Mickey Mouse kind of move (Disney pun intended) to bring the Portraits of Courage exhibition to EPCOT. This delightful merger of arts, politics, and sheer Disney magic has a lot to offer. The good old George W. Bush has swapped his presidential hat for a painter’s beret. It’s like a unique crossover episode between a history channel documentary and an episode of ‘Bob Ross: Beauty is Everywhere’. A round of applause for Disney for making us realize that not all heroes wear capes, some wear military boots too. A nostalgic trip down History Lane is in order, so let’s reserve our EPCOT tickets and get ready for an unforgettable salute to our warriors, sprinkled with a generous helping of Disney pixie dust!