Exploring Disney’s Tribute to America’s Warriors at EPCOT: A Unique Mix of Art, Military and Patriotism

Exploring Disney's Tribute to America's Warriors at EPCOT: A Unique Mix of Art, Military and Patriotism

Disney’s Heartfelt Tribute to America’s Warriors

  • EPCOT, a theme park at Walt Disney World Resort, will host a new exhibit as part of National Military Appreciation Month.
  • The exhibit, “Portraits of Courage: A Commander in Chief’s Tribute to America’s Warriors,” is a special collection from the George W. Bush Institute.
  • The exhibit showcases remarkable portraits of America’s military warriors, appreciating their service and courage.
  • The grand opening is scheduled for June 9 at The American Adventure Pavilion, a space meant for exhibiting American heritage and culture.
  • This initiative forms part of Disney’s enduring commitment to honor and appreciate military personnel and veterans.

The Realist’s Take

Get ready, folks! Disney’s EPCOT’s preparing to paint a picture of courage, literally! The usually rainbow-and-unicorn-centric park will be displaying some serious strokes of valor with their new exhibit, a tribute to America’s Warriors. Better brush up on your history before June 9. And who says art and military can’t mix? Well, Disney just proved ’em wrong. Packing a patriotic punch into the Magic Kingdom, Disney once again makes us all feel like the proud, teary-eyed Uncle Sam we never knew we could be.