Unveiling Valor: Disney Hosts George W. Bush’s “Portraits of Courage” Exhibit at EPCOT

Unveiling Valor: Disney Hosts George W. Bush's "Portraits of Courage" Exhibit at EPCOT

Article Key Points:

  • The Walt Disney Company is hosting a special exhibit from the George W. Bush Institute titled “Portraits of Courage: A Commander’s Tribute to America’s Warriors”.
  • The exhibit, located in The American Adventure pavilion at EPCOT, will run for 12 months starting June 9.
  • It features more than 60 full-color portraits painted by President Bush of service members and veterans who served our nation since 9/11.
  • Stories of the veterans, written by President Bush, accompanies each painting.
  • The exhibit also includes resources to support veterans and their families, including a service that connects them to no cost, high-quality mental and brain health care.
  • Disney has a long history of supporting the U.S. military, with founders Walt and Roy O. Disney both serving in the First World War.
  • The company has contributed over twenty million dollars to nonprofit organizations focusing on veterans and military families since 2012.
  • Disney employs thousands of U.S. military veterans as part of their Heroes Work Here initiative.

The Realists Take:

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the place where dreams come true – but this time, with a patriotic twist. EPCOT, where the cotton candy meets culture, is now hosting a George W. Bush painting exhibit. Wait, what? Yes, it’s not just a fever dream, or a clever plot twist in a Pixar movie – the 43rd president is showcasing his artistic chops, and swapping Texas oil for oil paint. The exhibition will salute our courageous military service members with both a paintbrush and some heart touching stories written by Bush himself. So, grab your mouse ears and your sense of patriotism, folks. It’s not every day you get to see Mickey Mouse saluting the stars and stripes, and a former world leader wielding a paint palette.