Unveiling the Magic: Inside Disney’s Halloween Costume Design with Ariella Hendrix

Meet Ariella Hendrix: The Magic Behind Disney’s Halloween Costumes

  • Ariella Hendrix has a unique role at Disney’s Consumer Products, Games, and Publishing department where she serves as the Product Design Manager for costumes.
  • As a child, Ariella was fascinated by the enchanting costumes she saw on stage, and now she is the one creating the magic.
  • Part of her role involves working closely with well-known costume companies like Disguise and FUN.com to develop licensed Halloween costumes and role-playing items.
  • Utilizing her creativity, Ariella ensures that fans truly experience the charm associated with their favorite Disney characters.

The Realist’s Take

From buzzing like a bee as Winnie the Pooh, to twirling like Elsa in a frozen wonderland, Ariella Hendrix is the fairy godmother behind these magical transformations. One can imagine her waving an oversized pencil instead of a magic wand, singing “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo!” as she turns mere fabric into legendary Disney costumes. Spoiler alert: the magic behind these creations isn’t pixie dust, but a blend of Hendrix’s creativity and a childhood love for costumes. When kids (and let’s be honest, adults too) step into a Disney costume, they should thank Ariella for the chance to be their favorite character for a day – or until the next costume party!