“Celebrating Hispanic and Latin American Heritage with Disney: A Touch of Magia in Your Everyday Life”

Article Quick Shots

  • The month-long observance of Hispanic and Latin American Heritage takes place from September 15 through October 15. A vast celebration shining a light on culture, history, and family ties that are steeped in values of unity.
  • Media titan, Disney, encourages the celebration to persist, not limiting it to just the designated month, but rather promoting its continuity throughout the year.
  • A creative and fun way to participate and express pride or show solidarity with this vibrant heritage is made available by D23. The official Disney fan club has made free, downloadable phone wallpapers that speak volumes of Hispanic and Latin American canons.
  • The wallpapers feature Mirabel, the protagonist from Walt Disney Animation Studios’ latest film ‘Encanto’, and icons from the popular Disney and Pixar’s movie ‘Coco’.
  • These digital artworks are created with the hope of injecting a sprinkle of magic, or more aptly ‘magia’, into everyday life.

The Realists Take

While Disney passionately reminds us that it’s Hispanic and Latin American Heritage Month, they also present us with a good old Disney-style marketing maneuver. So, let’s give a round of applause for the cultural appreciation and the subtle promotion of ‘Encanto’ and ‘Coco’ through these vibrant wallpapers. Now, Wall-E can take the backseat as Mirabel and the ‘Coco’ crew jazz up our screens bringing a spoonful of ‘magia’, a dash of festive fun, and a full-on buffet of Disney enchantment into our daily digital life. Is it a celebration of heritage or a cute marketing ploy? Well, in the land of Disney, it’s anything but ordinary!