Unveiling Disney’s Haunted Mansion Parlor: A Spooky Cruise Bar Experience in 2024

Unveiling Disney's Haunted Mansion Parlor: A Spooky Cruise Bar Experience in 2024

Key Points:

  • Disney Cruise Line unveils the Haunted Mansion Parlor, a spooky new bar set to sail aboard the Disney Treasure in December 2024.
  • The bar will feature an all-new narrative centered around a jovial captain lured into the phantasmal plane during a disastrous dinner.
  • Patrons can expect to encounter both familiar faces from the original Haunted Mansion attractions and fresh, marine-based apparitions.
  • Haunted Mansion Parlor would serve otherworldly drinks such as the non-alcoholic Sympathetic Libations and Ghoulish Delight, among others.
  • Guests can invest in eerie merchandise, including a music box that supposedly opens only in the presence of malevolent spirits, a mirror with hitchhiking ghosts, and more.

The Realist’s Take:

All right, we hear ya Disney! Now even your bars need rich backstory and ghostly lore. But hey, who are we to judge? As long as the drinks are stiff and the themes are thrilling, right? Besides, drinking cocktails in a haunted setting might just be the “spirit” we need in our lives! And the merch! Oh, it’s just what we’ve always wanted: a mirror that spooks us out of our wits every time we walk by it, and a music box that’s basically a ghost detector. Ah, nothing more comforting than knowing exactly when otherworldly creatures are around! Bottom line, if you’re into eerie aesthetics, love a good ghost story, and crave some spectacularly spooky sips, then the Haunted Mansion’s Parlor bar is the place to be in late 2024. As they say, there’s always room for one more…patient drinker.