Sneak Peek: New Haunted Mansion Bar Onboard Disney’s Latest Cruise Ship

Key Points To Note:

  • Disney has announced the addition of a Haunted Mansion-themed bar to their newest cruise ship, Disney Treasure.
  • This new theme bar will feature characters and scenes from the iconic Disney’s Haunted Mansion ride.
  • The Haunted Mansion bar is set to offer unique drinks and snacks while immersing guests in a spooky yet elegant atmosphere.
  • Disney Treasure, the newest addition to the Disney Cruise Line, is expected to launch in 2024.
  • Disney has not yet provided specific details about the bar or its offerings but promises fans a unique experience.
  • This development is part of Disney’s ongoing efforts to provide novel and immersive experiences for its guests, both in its theme parks and on its cruise lines.

The Realist’s Take

So, there you have it, folks. Prepare to sail away in 2024 on Disney’s new ship, Disney Treasure. As if dealing with a few sun-soaked, mouse-ear wearing guests wasn’t enough for the ship’s crews, they’ll now have ghostly ghouls to contend with. But, in true Disney fashion, even these eerie spectres will be serving up delicacies to patrons! Talk about service to die for, huh? So, gather your nerves and your thirst for the spooky, Disney fans. We’ll see you on the other side–and by ‘other side’, we mean the new, hair-raising Haunted Mansion Bar. Bottoms up, or should we say… ‘BOO-toms up’?!