“Meet the New Disney Ambassadors: Jada Young and Raul Aquino Rojas”

Disney Ambassadors – Jada Young and Raul Aquino Rojas

  • On September 27, Disneyland Resort announced Jada Young and Raul Aquino Rojas as their next Disney Ambassadors.
  • The announcement was made by Disneyland Resort President Ken Potrock amidst a small gathering of family, friends, fellow cast members.
  • Also present at the ceremony were former Disney Ambassadors who came to congratulate and welcome the new recruits into the fold.
  • The role of Disney Ambassadors includes representing the resort and the larger Disney community to its various stakeholders across the world.
  • This honoring occasion was largely attended by former Disney Ambassadors bearing witness to the exciting announcement.
  • Young and Rojas are expected to carry forward Disney’s legacy of creativity, innovation and dedication to its enduring brand values during their tenure.

The Realists Take

Well, it appears to be raining pixie dust over at Disney! From Do-Re-Mi to Hakuna-Matata, Young and Rojas have got their party hats on and are all set to take us down the magical alley of merriment that is Disneyland. The corks are popping and the whole cast is dancing, from the fairy godmother to the wicked witch. As the new Disney Ambassadors, they’ll be sprinkling their Disney Magic on everyone, from the dwarf grumpy to the joyous princess. Baloo King Louie, watch out – there’s a new Simba and Nala in town, twirling their magic carpets and ready to show the world what Disneyland is all about. Looking forward to a riot of a ride, or should we say, a Randy Crawling Enchanted Tiki Cruise? Hang on — where’s my enchanted rose?