“Inside the AI Apocalypse: A Review of 20th Century Studios’ Epic Sci-Fi Thriller ‘The Creator'”

  • 20th Century Studios released a new epic sci-fi action thriller, The Creator, which explores a future war between humans and artificial intelligence (AI).
  • The film is set in the year 2070 when AI has ravaged Los Angeles and is seen with fear in the West and acceptance in the East.
  • The main character, Joshua, is tasked with assassinating the Creator, who has invented a deadly AI in the form of a child, Alphie.
  • The film was shot in remarkably real locales with limited use of green screens and motion capture.
  • The director, Gareth Edwards, reversed the post-production design process which created a more natural alignment with the film’s themes and visuals.
  • Edwards, along with the director of photography, developed a revolutionary lightweight camera system that can shoot high-resolution images in low-light conditions.
  • The Creator has been praised by critics as a stunning achievement of sci-fi film making.

The Realist’s Take

In the world of The Creator, the future isn’t all jet packs and floating cars – rather, you get smacked in the face with an AI-driven apocalypse that turns LA into a real estate buyer’s dream! Humans are at war, and who do we have to blame? The elusive Creator tinkering with death-dealing AI, all while we watch on our Ikea sofas eating GMO popcorn. As deceptive as a chameleon changing colors, he hides his weapon of mass destruction in the adorable form of a child, Alphie. Talk about hiding in plain sight!

And speaking of ceativity, Edwards switches the filmmaking game rules, flipping post-production design around and gambles on a revolutionary lightweight camera. The outcome? A film so visually enthralling it could put Instagram filters to shame, and makes moonlighting sounds like a Netflix and chill night with your significant sofa companion! We give it two apocalyptic thumbs up!