“Meet Corra: The New Baby Elephant Star at Disney’s Animal Kingdom”

"Meet Corra: The New Baby Elephant Star at Disney's Animal Kingdom"

Daily Dose of Disney Dumbo Feels

  • African elephant, Corra, was introduced to fans at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park. This two-month baby elephant weighs 312 pounds and stands over 3 feet tall.
  • Corra makes history as the first-second generation an elephant born in Animal Kingdom, with her mom Nadirah also making her debut at the same park.
  • An orchestra of behind-the-scenes superheroes took part in making baby Corra’s arrival a success, from mating coordination to labor and delivery.
  • This birth is part of Disney’s forward stride in maintaining a healthy population of elephants to promote and secure the species, as shared by Scott Terrell, D.V.M. Director of Animal & Science Operations for Disney Experiences.
  • In the spotlight also is Disney’s pregnancy watch for soon-to-be-mommy elephants, highlighting the longer-than-usual careful monitoring of Nadirah’s nearly 22-month pregnancy journey.
  • Disney’s conservation efforts have invested more than $125 million since 1995 to support endangered species and preserve global acres, thanks to The Walt Disney Company funds and contributions of park guests.
  • Their efforts extend beyond elephants with their welcome of other endangered and threatened species like Sumatran tigers, western lowland gorillas, cotton-top tamarins and the rare okapi, made possible through partnership with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ Species Survival Plan.
  • Disney fans can anticipate the arrival of two more baby elephants at Animal Kingdom in the coming year.

The Realist’s Take

If Disney movies taught us anything, it’s that the circle of life will hit you right in the feels. And with Corra’s adorable debut, it’s ‘Dumbo Take Two’ at Disney’s Animal Kingdom! This tiny Tusker is earning her stripes in the safari… or rather, her wrinkles. Born to Famous mom, Nadirah, Corra is the latest member of an exclusive Disney’s VIP (Very Important Pachyderm) club, but her birth was not a solitary act. In the wings, a team of dedicated zoologists was pulling strings and watching hormones as if they were writing the script for a romantic elephant comedy. But they don’t do it for the lights, camera and action – they’re all about that applause from conservationists and toothy-grinned kids on safari rides. So brace yourself for a sprinkle of Disney magic because Animal Kingdom plans on welcoming two more Dumbos in 2025!