Meet Corra: Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s Newest Baby Elephant and Conservation Success Story

Meet Corra: Disney's Animal Kingdom's Newest Baby Elephant and Conservation Success Story

Article Summary

  • A 2-month-old African elephant named Corra made her public entrance at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, emphasizing company’s commitment to preserving endangered species.
  • Weighing in at a lovable 312 lbs and standing more than 3 feet tall, baby Corra was born in December and has found kinship in a three-generation family of female elephants – talk about girl power!
  • Corra is the first second-generation elephant in Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s history, born to the resident pachyderm, Nadirah.
  • The animal care team spent a whopping 22 months monitoring Nadirah’s pregnancy, using regular ultrasounds and daily hormonal tests to track the baby’s size, weight and overall health.
  • The Disney Conservation Fund, ignited by both The Walt Disney Company and the generous Disney park guests, has invested over $125 million into global conservation efforts. They haven’t just protected a world of elephants; over 315 million acres and 1,000 animal species have been included in the count.
  • Guests can anticipate more elephant arrivals in 2025, proving that you can never have too many adorable, trunk-waving babies.

The Realist’s Take

Hold onto your Mickey Mouse ears, folks, because Disney’s Animal Kingdom just had a Dumbo-sized baby boom! Our dear friend Corra the elephant is taking her first steps in the safari, practicing her trunks-up stance, and probably wondering why the zebras have such strange-looking noses. And talk about a family affair! Corra not only comes from strong elephantine genes, but also a legacy of matriarchs that would make even Simba’s pride jealous. Here’s to hoping she inherits her mom’s good looks and her grandma’s memory.

All this cooing over Corra mustn’t distract from the real behind-the-scenes heroes, the animal care team and endocrinologists, who, against all odds, managed to muster patience for a staggering 22-month pregnancy. That’s longer than most human engagements!

Disney’s Conservation Fund, fueled by Mickey’s magic and guest donations, is like a superhero story minus the spandex. They’ve saved acres upon acres of habitat and countless fluffy, scaly, and feathered lives, and all without the need for a magic carpet ride. And if these exciting stories don’t nudge you to plan your next vacation to Disney, the announcement of two more potential Dumbos in 2025 should do the trick!