“Disney & National Geographic’s Big Gesture: Spreading Joy and STEM Education in Children’s Hospitals Nationwide”

Disney and National Geographic’s Wholesome Deed

  • The dynamic duo of Disney and National Geographic recently joined hands to donate more than 40,000 STEM-focused activity kits, toys and books to children’s hospitals all across the nation.
  • They partnered with Starlight Children’s Foundation to make this joyful delivery happen.
  • The donation was specifically inclined towards STEM-related materials to not just spread smiles but empower the children with knowledge during their difficult times.
  • The move was whole-heartedly aimed at delivering joy and education to the children being treated in these hospitals.

The Realist’s Take

If the fairy godmother had a corporate face, we bet it would look exactly like Disney and National Geographic combined! Not only are they churning out good vibes, but they are also mixing it up with some brain-food, donating swarms of STEM focused kits, books and toys to underprivileged kiddos in hospitals. And while these kids are mastering the art of building robots or unraveling the mysteries of black holes from their hospital beds, they might just also stumble upon the magical formula that lets them fly high and join Peter Pan in Neverland or become the next young, wild and free explorer for National Geographic! So here’s to Disney and National Geographic: the power team making dreams come true, one hospital bed at a time!