“Disney Aspire Program: Celebrating Five Years of Empowering Dreams”

Disney Celebrates Five Years of the Aspire Education Program

  • Disney Aspire, a tuition-paid investment program, recently marked its fifth-year anniversary.
  • The program has successfully transformed the lives of many cast members since its inception.
  • One such success story is Brett Crane, a current intern at Walt Disney World Resort.
  • As a member of the global engineering and technology team, Brett’s role involves show controls engineering, where he fulfills his younger dreams.

Disney Aspire: A Pathway To Fulfilling Dreams

Education isn’t always a walk in Disneyland, but Disney Aspire has made it more accessible

  • Disney Aspire is fully funded by Disney and covers all upfront costs for cast members continuing their education.
  • The program offers flexibility for employees to grow within their desired field and enhances their professional skills.
  • Disney’s investment in education has provided opportunities for many cast members to advance in their careers.

The Realist’s Take

Well, isn’t this a magic carpet ride complete with “A Whole New World” playing in the background? The Disney Aspire program has turned into quite the fairy godmother for cast members who want to continue chasing their dreams, even when they aren’t napping in Cinderella’s castle. It’s the ultimate reboot of “When You Wish Upon a Star.” For kids (and grown-ups) that dreamt of a lively Disney journey, the Aspire program is the fairy dust making those dreams come alive. And no, you don’t need to kiss a frog or sell your voice to a sea witch to attain it! Enroll in the program and let Disney do its bibbidi-bobbidi-boo!