Celebrating 106 years with Disney Magic: Magnolia Jackson’s Magical Birthday Adventure at Disney World Resort

Celebrating 106 years with Disney Magic: Magnolia Jackson's Magical Birthday Adventure at Disney World Resort

Magnolia Jackson’s Magical Birthday at Disney

  • Magnolia Jackson, a 106-year-old resident of Florida, spent her birthday at Walt Disney World Resort for the first time.
  • After watching a college football game in Orlando where Mickey was performing, she developed a love for all things Disney that sparked her birthday wish.
  • Jackson was showered with cheer from Disney cast members, met corporate executives, and received warm greetings from Mickey & Minnie Mouse on her actual birthday.
  • She was also given a lavish birthday cake and colorful balloons in a celebration with family and friends at The Magic Kingdom.

Magic Kingdom Adventures of Jackson

  • After her birthday celebration, Jackson enjoyed her time touring the Magic Kingdom and meeting Princess Tiana.
  • She was also given a sneak peek into the upcoming Tiana’s Bayou Adventure attraction set for the summer.

EPCOT and The Flower & Garden Festival

  • Loving gardening her whole life, Jackson was also given a grand tour of The EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival.
  • The festival includes amazing gardens, Disney-themed topiaries, and enticing culinary delights and will be ongoing until May 27.

The Realist’s Take

Just when you thought Disney World was just a haven for young, wide-eyed dreamers, bingo clubs lose another member come bingo nights! Magnolia Jackson, a 106-year old grand dame was redefining lifespan goals with her first-ever visit to the Magic Kingdom. Having a birthday bash that beat many sweet sixteen parties, Jackson’s day was sprinkled heavily with Disney magic, filled with warm welcomes, rides, attractions, and a cake larger than Mickey’s ear. From fangirling over Mickey at football games to frollicking in the heart of Disney, Jackson’s vibrant spirit proves there’s no age cap to being a Disney enthusiast. May we all be blessed with her infectious energy and love for life’s magical moments. As they say in Disney, “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them” – and it seems like Jackson is one hell of a dreamer!