A Sneak Peek into EPCOT’s Newest Attraction: The Magical World of Moana

The Magic of EPCOT’s Newest Addition: A Rendezvous with Moana

  • As part of EPCOT’s ongoing transformation at Disney, a new attraction inspired by the popular film Moana has been added to the park.
  • Before the official debut of the attraction, Disney invited a group of special “wayfinders” from the Florida community and beyond to have a firsthand experience.
  • These selected individuals got the chance to channel their inner Moana as they got a sneak-peek into the magical world cultivated by Disney.
  • The new attraction is expected to attract scores of Moana fans and Disney enthusiasts from all over the world post its official launch.

The Realist’s Take

In the world of Disney, where enchanted objects dish out life advice, birds break into song, and every pumpkin is a potential mode of transport, EPCOT’s newest addition promises to further invigorate this magical realm. The near-future is all set to welcome hordes of adventure-seeking “wayfinders” eager to set sail on an imaginary Polynesian voyage. If you’re someone who discovers their ‘shiny’ side with every new Disney attraction, this Moana-inspired addition at EPCOT will have you shouting “You’re Welcome” at your reflection!