Unveiling the 2024-2025 Disney Ambassadors of Hong Kong Disneyland: A Magical Journey

Key Points From The Magical Realm Of Hong Kong Disneyland

  • In the enchanting grounds of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, a fresh tale begins, starring none other than Beyan Tse and Gisele Abejero.
  • These two extraordinary individuals have snagged the esteemed title of 2024-2025 Disney Ambassadors of Hong Kong Disneyland.
  • They are the 10th pair to represent the renowned theme park. A milestone achievement that’ll surely have Tinkerbell sprinkling a tad bit extra pixie dust on their parade.

The Realists Take

So, it seems that dreams really do come true, at least if you’re Beyan Tse or Gisele Abejero. These lucky ducks have found a magic carpet that zooms them right to the top, as the 2024-2025 Disney Ambassadors of the fantasy world of Hong Kong Disneyland. They’re the 10th pair to wear this crown, so you know they’re going to be celebrating in a BIG way (Cue the oversized mouse ears, and don’t forget the streamer-filled parade). So, raise your Mickey ice cream bars high, folks! Here’s to these two who popped a life-size genie out of their lamps and had their wishes granted!