Unveiling EPCOT’s New World Celebration: Tribute to Walt Disney’s Dream

Unveiling EPCOT's New World Celebration: Tribute to Walt Disney's Dream

Main Highlights of the Disney News Article

  • The new World Celebration neighborhood in EPCOT is set to open on December 5.
  • One of the key components of the World Celebration will be a statue named “Walt the Dreamer”.
  • The statue will be a tribute to Walt Disney, the visionary who started it all.
  • This addition is part of the broader transformation taking place at EPCOT.
  • The revamp emphasizes Disney’s mission to inspire visitors with imagining and discovery.

The Realist’s Take

So, you thought you had your Christmas shopping sorted, well think again. Come Dec 5th, instead of elbowing your way through crowded malls, you could be frolicking in Disney’s shiny new World Celebration neighborhood at EPCOT. Nothing screams festive cheer quite like immersing yourself in a realm constructed from the dreams of the man who thought a mouse could start an empire. And folks, let’s not forget the homage to Walt himself, immortalized in a statue aptly named “Walt the Dreamer”. You can almost hear him softly whisper “the way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” Enjoy stuffing those stockings, but me? I’ll be at EPCOT, embracing my inner child with Walt giving me the side-eye.