Unveiling EPCOT’s International Festival of Holidays 2023: A Whirlwind Tour of Christmas Traditions and Delights

Unveiling EPCOT's International Festival of Holidays 2023: A Whirlwind Tour of Christmas Traditions and Delights

Key Points

  • EPCOT International Festival of the Holidays is returning to Walt Disney World® Resort from November 24th through December 30th, 2023, presenting a global celebration of holiday traditions filled with immersive experiences, international cuisine, and live entertainment.
  • The cherished Candlelight Processional makes its comeback this year, narrating the Christmas story in the America Gardens Theatre with celebrity voices, a 50-piece live orchestra, and a mass choir. Celebrities this year include the likes of Chrissy Metz, Luis Fonsi, Simu Liu, John Stamos, and more.
  • Santa Claus himself will be bringing the yuletide cheer at the Odyssey Pavilion from November 24th to December 24th, while global customs and storytellers fill World Showcase with intriguing holiday tales.
  • For young visitors, there’s Olaf’s Holiday Tradition Expedition Scavenger Hunt. This begins with obtaining a map and stickers from festival merchandise locations to start an exciting quest for traditions that Olaf has found in every pavilion.
  • Over fifteen Holiday Kitchens will cook up mouthwatering holiday recipes and festive drinks from around the globe. Cookie lovers can participate in the Holiday Cookie Stroll to earn a variety of delicious cookies.
  • The festival also presents a treasure trove of holiday merchandise for all those looking to complete their holiday shopping lists, including special edition mugs, cookie jars and more.
  • Disney’s centennial celebration, the Disney100 Celebration, is ongoing at EPCOT until December 31, 2023. Guests can enjoy special decor, meet Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse in special attire, see the Spaceship Earth’s mesmerizing lighting display, and sample celebratory dishes and drinks at four Holiday Kitchens.

The Realist’s Take

Alright, folks! Brace yourselves for an all-around-the-world extravaganza to satisfy your holiday zest! The EPCOT International Festival of the Holidays is back with a beacon of joy, festive cookies — and no, it’s not just your aunt’s fruitcake — and celebrities telling the Christmas tale like it’s an award show speech. Imagine John Stamos narrating the birth of Jesus with the same passion as Uncle Jesse making an Elvis reference! And don’t worry about the kiddos — they’ll be off on Olaf’s holiday scavenger hunt, probably discovering more holiday traditions than your weird uncle can make up after his third eggnog. Just don’t forget about Disney’s 100-year-old party still going strong at EPCOT – because nothing says festive cheer like reminding ourselves that a talking mouse is older, richer, and more popular than we’ll ever be. So, don your holiday gear, pack your appetite, and prepare for a world tour of yuletide traditions without needing a passport or enduring a pat down by security!