Unveiling EPCOT’s Autumn Delights: A Sneak Peek into the New Festival Marketplaces

Key Points on EPCOT’s Fall Treats and Festival Marketplaces

  • EPCOT is rolling out a new array of scrumptious bites and drinks this autumn season.

  • The park has planned an assortment of dishes and drinks to suit all palates and preferences.

  • Fresh options are available not just at the regular dining spots but also at the new Festival Marketplaces.

  • The Festival Marketplaces are scheduled to open in a short span of just 2 days.

  • Visitors can look forward to not just the food and drinks but also the ambiance and experience of these new marketplaces!

The Realists Take

As we shuffle into sweater weather and pumpkin spice latte season, EPCOT is ready to put its foodie foot forward. Get ready to munch your way around the world (or at least the park) as Disney’s speculation on ‘food diplomacy’ is in full swing this fall! You won’t just be filling your Instagram with photos of Cinderella’s Castle, but also with snaps of all the mouth-watering delights EPCOT has to offer. So loosen up that belt, or better yet, don a pair of stretchy pants, because in just two days, EPCOT will be teasing palates with its new Festival Marketplaces. Who needs a fairy godmother when you’ve got Disney chefs whipping up gastronomic sorcery?