“Unveiling Disney’s Latest Film ‘Wish’: A Blend of Nostalgia, Magic, and Music”

Key Points in Bruce C. Steele’s Article

  • Walt Disney Animation Studios’ newest film, Wish , a musical comedy, taps into the power of wishes and how they can change the world. Featured in theater starting November 22.
  • During the film’s production, D23 Members were invited to share their wishes to keep the creative team inspired.
  • At the D23 Expo in 2022, attendees penned their wishes on star-shaped sticky notes and posted them on a wall, creating a “wall of wishes”.
  • The movie is set in King Magnifico’s castle on the island of Rosas where wishes are kept and have the potential to be granted.
  • Wish presents a clash between Asha, a 17-year-old girl, and King Magnifico when the king refuses to grant her grandfather’s wish.
  • The film honours Disney’s 100-year legacy and celebrates original storytelling.
  • The movie visuals have a detailed, watercolor look reminiscent of classic Disney features, done in the latest CG form.
  • The film contains numerous references to previous Disney stories, featuring themes of perseverance and possibility, emotional songs, and a nod to Walt Disney’s Dreaming Tree.
  • The creative team included a veteran director, Chris Buck, as well as first-time director, Fawn Veerasunthorn.

The Realists Take

Well, it seems that Disney has once again pulled a rabbit out of their magic hat – or in this case, wishes out of a wall. Combining new-age CG with the vintage charm of their 1930s classics, they’re serving up a fresh musical comedy smothered in nostalgia gravy. It’s almost as if they’ve read our wish list! Sure, fluffy goats that can talk and sorcerer kings might not float everyone’s boat. But when you’ve got a centuries-old legacy of making hearts go ‘bibbidi-bobbidi-boo’ and an army of fan club members ready to back you with an arsenal of wishes, you’re pretty much invincible in the movie kingdom. So hey, why not make a wish? If you’re lucky, King Magnifico might just grant it!