Unveiling Disney’s Dreamers Academy: Empowering Teenagers towards Success

Unveiling Disney's Dreamers Academy: Empowering Teenagers towards Success

Disney’s Dreamers Academy: A Magical Wrap-Up

  • The super successful “Disney Dreamers Academy” wrapped up its recent event with a star-studded bastion of support. Personalities like Daymond John from ‘Shark Tank’, Disney’s own Dara Reneé, former Olympian Sanya Richards-Ross, and many more spearheaded the event, giving the participating dreamers a fan moment they won’t forget any time soon.
  • The program, designed for 100 teenagers, primarily from underrepresented communities, provided an all-expense-paid trip to The Most Magical Place on Earth, Walt Disney World. The week was jam-packed with mentoring sessions, career-oriented prep, entertainment, and some all-out Disney fun, of course!
  • Kyla Marie Griffith from Laurelton, NY, a budding DJ, got a chance of a lifetime meeting the famous DJ Big Tigger. Not just that, she even got to assist him in DJ’ing at the event’s final party.
  • The inspiration-drenched event held interactive workshops targeted at a spectrum of industries. The aim? Introducing these young, bubbling minds to diverse career paths in the spaces of business, entertainment and sciences, including many roles within The Walt Disney Company itself.
  • Disney Dreamers Academy, a crucial part of Walt Disney World’s mission towards uplifting diverse communities, has shown its magic over 17 years. The result? A brigade of 1,600 highly motivated, dream-chasing graduates turned doctors, engineers, performers, entrepreneurs, and even mentors for future Disney Dreamers.

The Realists Take

Disney clearly exchanged their magic wand for a wisdom wand this past week, minting out not princesses and princes, but future doctors, performers and entrepreneurs. And just like their movies, they’ve proven that every story they create is sprinkled with pixie dust. Now, the gravity of real-world dreams won’t weigh our dreamers down. After all, youth is the ticket to Neverland, and who would understand that better than Disney? So here’s to the next wave of Disney Dreamers, may you not need fairy godmothers for your happily ever afters!