Unpacking Disney+: Your Comprehensive Guide to October’s Program Lineup

Key Takeaways from the Disney+ October Program Lineup

  • Dancing with the Stars is sashaying live onto Disney+ every Tuesday at 5:00 p.m. PT, starring the dynamic host duo Alfonso Ribeiro and Julianne Hough.
  • The season finale of Star Wars: Ahsoka is ready to orbit your galaxy on October 3, providing a star-studded end to the adventurous series.
  • Get ready to traverse the multiverse with Loki’s second season, starting on October 5 with new episodes releasing every Thursday.
  • Tune into the rhythmic streets of Miami with 4EVER – a series about four young hopefuls on their challenging journey to band stardom. All episodes release on October 11.
  • Based on R.L Stine’s bestselling books, Goosebumps premieres on October 13. It’s a thrilling tale woven around a tragic teen death from three decades ago, with new episodes airing every Friday.
  • Witness Africa’s Great Rift Valley with expert Hazen Audel in Primal Survivor: Extreme African Safari, available in entirety on October 25.
  • Finally, solve a family mystery while saving New York City with LEGO Marvel Avengers: Code Red, premiering on October 27.

The Realist’s Take

Clear your calendars, Disney fans, and prepare yon couch! From dancing reality shows to exploring the complex multiverse with a certain mischief god, Disney+ is charging into October like a kid hopped up on Halloween candy. And speaking of spooky, we have the new series Goosebumps, prompting the need for our favorite nostalgic night lights. Meanwhile, tune into the rise of a Miami-based band, 4EVER – perfect for those who enjoy a dash of searing ambition and occasionally off-key bathroom singers. And not to forget the safari thrills of Primal Survivor. Finally, let your imagination run wild with LEGO Marvel Avengers (No LEGO stepping injuries, promise). It seems in Disney+’s October lineup, there’s a ‘treat’ for every ‘trick’. So buckle up, folks— your binge watchlist just got supersized!