Unlocking the Secrets of Zootopia: A Complete Guide to Shanghai Disney Resort’s Animal Wonderland

Unlocking the Secrets of Zootopia: A Complete Guide to Shanghai Disney Resort's Animal Wonderland

Hidden Gems in Zootopia at Shanghai Disney Resort

  • Zootopia is full of secrets. It’s the first-ever Disney Park to feature an entire area dedicated solely to the world of Zootopia.
  • Even before entering Zootopia, visitors will spot the City’s Department of Mammal Vehicles. This is a direct reference to the movie, where Judy Hopps gets her start as a parking enforcement officer.
  • For Pixar fans, there’s a hidden easter egg: a spot for ‘Ratatouille’. Remy’s Patisserie is a charming bakery where you can indulge in a colored roll that’s a nod to a memorable scene in the 2007 film.
  • The Zootopia Police Department, where Judy works in the movie, is present too. Look out for the scene of the donut-loving cheetah officer and his mischievous mouse friend.
  • One not-so-hidden gem is the Judy and Nick’s Status, which lavishly decorated and stands in a prominent space to welcome guests into the Zootopia world.
  • Zootopia’s most renowned popstar Gazelle also has a billboard memorialized within the area.
  • Jumbeaux’s Café, which serves cute elephant-themed desserts, is another delightful part of the Zootopia land.
  • Pay attention to minor details like the ‘No Nudity’ sign. Yep, you read that right! In Zootopia, there’s an etiquette rule about residents wearing clothes, reflected in signs around the park.
  • Your Zootopia experience isn’t complete without a trip on the Wild Times, an adventure ride that’s fun for the whole family.
  • Last but not least, the colorful Zootopia currency you can use for shopping within the park is another unique feature enhancing the immersive experience.

The Realist’s Take

So, if you ever thought Disneyland was all about princesses and fairytales, let the anthropomorphized world of Zootopia give you a reality check. It’s where rabbits give parking tickets, rodents have a donut fixation, rats open bakeries, and nudity is frowned upon (yes, even in the animal kingdom). And if you’re still not convinced, take a round-trip on the Wild Times to experience ecology lessons and animal city life. Now, who said humans were the only ones who could build an interesting city?