Unlocking the Marvel Universe: Inside the Ultimate Fan Experience at El Capitan Theatre

Unlocking the Marvel Universe: Inside the Ultimate Fan Experience at El Capitan Theatre

Marvels of The Marvels: The Ultimate Fan-Forward Experience


  • The El Capitan Theatre is set to take the Marvel experience up a notch with special screenings of Marvel Studios’ newest installment, The Marvels.
  • Fans will be treated to not only the film but also costuming displays, the chance to purchase speciality concession items, and yes – the thrill of coming in their best superhero cosplay.
  • Two opening night fan events, hosted by D23: The Official Disney Fan Club, are scheduled for November 9 & 10 at 7PM at the esteemed El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood.
  • The $50 Thursday ticket includes a reserved seat, a randomly selected Funko POP!, a canteen featuring The Marvels with a beverage, popcorn, and an event credential and lanyard.
  • The $50 Friday ticket comes bundled with a reserved seat, a hat featuring The Marvels, a tote bag dedicated to the film, popcorn, a beverage, and an event credential with a lanyard.
  • The Marvels tells the adventurous tale of Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel), her super-fan Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel), and estranged niece (Captain Monica Rambeau), coming together to save the universe.

The Realist’s Take

We are not in Kansas anymore, Toto. Well, more like Hollywood.

Grab your capes, prep your ‘super’ puns, and prepare to dive into an experience that is as close to getting bit by a radioactive spider as you’re going to get. The El Capitan Theatre is turning into the superhero version of Willy Wonka’s factory, minus the questionable safety regulations. The Marvels is here, and it’s bringing all the intergalactic drama and unexpected family reunions into the mix. Just your average day in the Marvel-verse, right? Who knows, put on the perfect cosplay and you might find yourself mistaken for the next Chris – I mean, hero. So, whether you spend your $50 on popcorn, becoming a walking Funko POP!, or mysteriously disappearing into a Kree revolutionary linked wormhole, you’re sure to have a Marvel-lous time! To quote a certain friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, with great power (or in this case, tickets), comes great responsibility (aka fun). You’re welcome for the action, drama, and liberally applied sarcasm.