Unlocking the Magic: Inside the Disney D23 Gold Members Exclusive Discount

Key Points of Disney D23 Gold Members Discount News

  • An exclusive offer is providing a 25% off on orders for D23 Gold Members on shopDisney starting now until October 29, 2023.
  • The offer can be redeemed online by logging into the D23 account on shopDisney, placing eligible items into the bag, inserting the promotion code, and purchasing.
  • The offer does not apply to purchases made at Disney stores, Disney store Outlets, Disney Parks, and Resorts locations, or Disney store merchandise purchased from other retailers or third-party websites.
  • The offer excludes items like Afridrille Shoes, Alex and Ani, Barefoot Dreams, Bauble Bar,  Citizen, COACH, Columbia, CRISLU, Garmin, Havaianas, Herschel, Kate Spade, LEGO,  Lionel, Loungefly, Pandora Jewelry, and Tommy Hilfiger, among others.
  • Additional exclusions may apply, and the offer will only be applied if D23 Gold Members are logged in to shopDisney with the Disney account details tied to their D23 Gold Membership.
  • You do not need to be a D23 Gold Member to join for exclusive discounts, shopping opportunities, and more.

The Realist’s Take

Listen up, glitterati of the Disney fan club! It’s time to pull out your magic wands and get that mouse-clicking finger ready! There’s a massive 25% – think Cinderella’s ugly stepsisters’ waist cut – discount to be had on the shopDisney site. But before you start singing “A Whole New World” and carting all those goodies, remember that Coach, Kate Spade and Pandora Jewelry along with Lego toys are all off the list. Bummer, right? But don’t fret, you still have a ton of other magical products that’ll transform your mundane life into a Disney fairytale! Just be sure you’re really a Gold Member, because if you aren’t, well, that’s a whole different magic spell you need to cast, involving some green paper friends – you know the ones that tend to vanish from your wallet. So, ready to start your shopping quest? TO 𝄞 INFINITY… AND 𝄞 BEYOND!