“Unlocking Romance and Rewards with Disney’s Golden Bachelor: An Insider’s Guide”

Disney’s Golden Bachelor and Golden Discounts

  • The Golden Bachelor showcases seniors looking for love and is the first of its kind in Bachelor franchise history.
  • 22 women, aging from 60 to 75, will join the show aiming to find a romantic flame with Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner.
  • The premiere of the Golden Bachelor is set for Thursday, September 28 on ABC.
  • On-demand episodes will be available on Hulu the day after their premieres.
  • To celebrate the premiere several brands will offer “golden discounts” open to all. These will be effective from the premiere until mid-October for most offers.
  • Brands offering discounts include D23, National Geographic, Disney Music Emporium, and El Capitan Theatre.
  • Food and beverage establishments like Mel’s Drive-In, Randy’s Donuts, and Pink’s Hot Dogs, are also giving golden offers in coordination with the show’s premiere.

The Realist’s Take

Alright folks, pack up your early bird specials and denture grip because love is about to get golden. Gerry Turner, ABC’s first Golden Bachelor on a mission to find love post-retirement is sure to bring a twinkle into your monocles. And let’s not forget about the Golden Girls looking to sweep him off his orthopedic shoes. With participants ranging in age from 60-75, we’re about to redefine what we know about age and romance. Buckle up, and don’t forget your bifocals, because this spectacle will be a Geriatric-Jersey-Shore meets Romeo and Juliet. And if old age love drama isn’t your thing, well there’s always those “golden discounts” to look forward to – from D23 memberships to Pink’s hot dogs and Randy’s donuts. Remember, just like love, these deals are open to all, no AARP card required!