“Unboxing Disney’s 100th Anniversary Collector’s Box Set: A Treasure Trove for Disney Fans!”

Disney’s 100th Anniversary Special: A Collector’s Dream!

  • Disney is celebrating its 100th anniversary with a limited-edition Collector’s Box set in collaboration with Citizen. This set is a mark of their century-long journey of magic and memories.
  • The Collector’s Box set includes three special edition watches based on Disney classics like Steamboat Willie, Mickey Mouse Fan Club, and Mickey Mouse Fanfare. It also features collectible pins and ‘Disney100’ engraving on the case backs.
  • With original artwork on the dials by renowned Disney Illustrator Jeff Shelly, these Citizen watches are sustainably powered by light using the proprietary Eco-Drive technology – no batteries required.
  • The box set is highly exclusive with only 40 sets available worldwide, thereby offering a unique piece of Disney history to collectors.
  • The Collector’s Box set is also first available for purchase to Gold Members before general availability, offering an additional bonus to the members of Disney’s golden circle.

The Realists Take

In true Disney fashion, the magic never fades; it just transforms into a limited-edition box set of time-telling treasures that no wicked witch or petty pirate can get their hands on! This might be the only time Mickey tells you the time rather than you telling him when to pop out on your TV screens. Whether you’re a Cinderella awaiting midnight, a White Rabbit perpetually late, or a simple Disney devotee, these are the watches to help carve out your ‘happily ever after’… or simply to make sure you don’t miss the next Disney release. Remember, though, to join the ranks of Disney’s Gold Members to be the first in line, or else you might have to hope for a Fairy Godmother to get one. So folks, keep your glass slippers and pumpkin carriages ready; it’s time to celebrate Disney’s 100 years!