“Ultimate Guide to Disneyland & Disney World’s Pretzel Paradise”

"Ultimate Guide to Disneyland & Disney World's Pretzel Paradise"

Unraveling Disney’s Pretzel Bonanza

  • Mickey Mouse Pretzel

    Available at all Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resort snack carts. As tantalising and magical as the mouse himself, it’s delicious both on the surface, and beneath!

  • Cheddar Cheese Pretzel

    These cheesy delights can be found at “The Lunching Pad” at Walt Disney World Resort. It’s love at first bite with these tasty twisted treats.

  • Cream Cheese Pretzel

    On offer at both Disney Resorts, it’s a soft, sweet, and creamy symphony of flavors!

  • Jalapeno Cheese-Stuffed Pretzel

    Spice up your Disney trip at “Refreshment Corner” in Disneyland or “The Lunching Pad” at Walt Disney World Resort.

  • Ant-Man Bavarian Pretzel

    To pay homage to Marvel’s shrinking hero, head to “Pym Test Kitchen” at Disney California Adventure Park. You might need to ant-size yourself to finish this one.

  • Raspberry Pretzel

    Available at the Disneyland’s Jolly Holiday Bakery Café. Raspberry on a pretzel? How berry exciting!

  • Miniature Pretzel

    Offered at Tortilla Jo’s restaurant in Downtown Disney District. These bite-sized beauties are great for pretzel virgins!

And much more delights await pretzel lovers!

The Realist’s Take

Bros and Buckets of Pretzels! Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts seem to be turning into pretzel paradises, where every corner, snack cart, and eatery offers a new style to whet your appetite. Whether it’s for Mickey-head-shaped delicacies, enormous Bavarian pretzels that can serve as a full meal, ones bursting with jalapenos and cheese, or even miniatures perfect for a quick nosh, the resorts are outdoing each other in the competition of the Disney world pretzel war. One can’t help but chortle at the thought of Chip ‘n’ Dale hoarding these pretzels for winter. But that’s okay, I guess. We pretzel lovers will rise again, light our cheese-dripping torches, and continue to live savory ever after in the kingdom of pretzels, right on Disney territory.