The Bear Necessities of Disney’s Country Bear Jamboree Makeover

Key Points to Bear in Mind

  • New Jamboree in Town: Disney announced at this year’s Destination D23 that the original Country Bear Jamboree at Magic Kingdom will morph into a “Country Bear Musical Jamboree.”
  • Music to Your Ears: The new show draws inspiration from Nashville’s musical revues and will reimagine classic Disney tunes into different country music genres.
  • Name Swap: Liver Lips McGrowl will get a less offensive name—Romeo McGrowl—and a new pompadour hairstyle.
  • A Trip Down Memory Lane: This revamped show was originally pitched almost 20 years ago and nearly got shelved for a Toy Story marionette show. Thank heavens for U-turns!
  • Long and Winding Bear Road: The Country Bear Jamboree has a history dating back to 1971, and the new show aims to preserve that legacy while introducing some much-needed updates.
  • Public Opinion: Despite initial skepticism, the show has support from fans and critics who see it as a natural evolution rather than a departure from the original’s spirit.
  • Facelift for Grizzly Hall: The audio-animatronics and the facility will get a much-needed upgrade.

The Realist’s Take

Let’s face it, folks. Change is hard, especially when it messes with our childhood teddy bears—I mean, Country Bears. But before you turn into a Grizzly, consider this: Even your grandma updates her Facebook status, so why can’t the Country Bears get a little sprucing up? A dash of Nashville here, a pinch of new dialogue there, and voilà! We’ve got ourselves a modern-day hoedown that still hits the nostalgia sweet spot. So let’s give a round of “appaws” for Imagineers who are bringing back the bear necessities of life, but with a bit more twang. And if it turns out to be unbearable? Hey, there’s always Tokyo!

“It Sure Beats a Toy Story Marionette Show” — Why You Shouldn’t Be Mad About the New ‘Country Bear Musical Jamboree’ at Magic Kingdom