Sneak Peek: Disney’s Pizza-themed Merchandise, A Deliciously Fun Collection

Sneak Peek: Disney's Pizza-themed Merchandise, A Deliciously Fun Collection

Disney Pizza Merchandise Sneak Peek

  • Disney fans, there’s a new line of deliciously fun merchandise getting ready to roll out – a collection devoted to pizza!
  • The merchandise line includes everything from t-shirts and mugs to mouse-ear hats, all featuring our favorite cheesy goodness with a fun Disney twist.
  • Some of the exclusive items you’ll be able to snag feature our beloved Disney characters such as Mickey, Goofy, and even Olaf having a pizza party. Honestly, who can resist Goofy wearing a pizza chef’s hat?
  • The quirky pieces are designed to combine your love for everything Disney and pizza. They are set to be available in the Disney parks and online later this month.
  • So, foodies and Disney devotees, get your pockets ready for a slice… or two… or five, of this pizza merch!

The Realists Take

For those of us who’ve ever thought, “Hmmm, Disney, but make it pizza,” it seems our fever dreams have been heard. The magical kingdom is about to stir some ‘extra cheese’ in their merchandise. They’re cooking up a tasty collection that merges childhood nostalgia and a universally loved dish together. Yes, the world may be chaotic and unpredictable, but at least we can all agree that nothing is more comforting than the idea of Mickey Mouse delivering a large pepperoni pizza. Doesn’t that just warm up your dough – um, I mean – heart? Let’s marinara a satisfying sigh of relief and save some room for this whimsical pizza collection which promises to be ‘the cheese to our macaroni’. With everything from accessories to apparel on offer, Disney seems to be saying to the world – why not add a side of fun to your pizza craving and wear it too?