“Once Upon a Studio: Celebrating a Century of Disney’s Hand-Drawn Animations”

Key Points

  • Disney Animation Studios unveils a tribute film, ‘Once Upon a Studio,’ honoring a century of characters and stories.
  • The film, directed by Dan Abraham and Trent Correy, features new animations with around 80% being hand-drawn.
  • Animation veteran, Eric Goldberg, oversees the hand-drawn segment of the animation process.
  • The film brought together an expert team of animators, including Randy Haycock, Mark Henn, Bert Klein, and Alex Kuperschmidt.
  • Five alumni from Disney Animation contributed to the film —Ruben Aquino, Tony Bancroft, James Baxter, Will Finn, and Nik Ranieri.
  • A hand-picked group of hand-drawn animation apprentices, who were chosen from over 2,000 applicants and underwent a 4-month training program, made their debut in the film.
  • Austin Traylor and Tyler Pacana, two of the apprentices, discuss their inspirations and experiences in creating the film.

The Realists Take

In a world where the flashy bells and whistles of CGI often take center stage, Disney sends us a gentle reminder that their roots are ingrained deep in the soil of hand-drawn animations. Trust Disney to orchestrate a century-long class reunion, corralling characters that range from Snow White to Elsa, and putting them all in one frame. The once-in-a-lifetime gathering isn’t just a walk down memory lane; it’s also a cheeky way to introduce fresh pen-and-paper welding wizards into the mix. This hardcore game of ‘where’s Waldo’ comes with a heartwarming message – no matter how the world changes, the charm of classic hand-drawn animations and Disney’s unwavering commitment to preserving its legacy will remain in vogue. Buckle up, purists, the art of the ‘moving drawings’ is still very much alive and sketching!