“Once Upon a Studio: Celebrating 100 Years of Disney with Richard Sherman”

Disney’s New Short: Once Upon a Studio

  • Once Upon a Studio by Walt Disney Animation Studios makes its broadcast debut on October 15, celebrating Disney’s 100th anniversary. The short will feature a newly recorded version of the classic Mary Poppins song, “Feed the Birds”, performed by Academy Award-winning composer Richard Sherman.
  • At 94 years old, Richard Sherman returned to Walt Disney’s office in 2022 to recapture the magic from decades past, delivering a sentimental performance that resonated through Disney’s historical headquarters.
  • Directors Dan Abraham and Trent Correy recognized the significance of this moment, since the Sherman brothers used to perform the song for Walt Disney himself. Bringing back this tradition was both emotional and incredibly meaningful.

A Blast from the Past with Richard Sherman

  • This “Feed the Birds” rendition was suggested by Matt Walker, Disney’s head of music, who proposed the idea of using Walt’s original office as the setting for the performance. Walker’s suggestion allowed the directors to relive a piece of Disney history.
  • Richard was initially introduced to the project during a birthday lunch with Howard Green, Legacy Communications Executive for Disney Animation. After being shown the storyboard for the short, Richard was eager to be part of it.
  • The piano played by Richard during the recording session was the same piano the Sherman brothers used to play for Walt Disney. It created a touching tribute not only to Walt Disney and his legacy but also to the timeless beauty of Disney’s music.

The Perfect Tribute to 100 Years of Disney

  • Richard Sherman’s involvement in Once Upon a Studio was not just a nostalgic trip down the memory lane. It was also a tribute to 100 years of Walt Disney Animation Studios and Walt Disney’s dream, a testament to the enduring power of love, kindness, and the art of giving.

The Realists Take

So, my dear Disney devotees, buckle up, because nostalgia isn’t staying in the past! Just when you thought you’d seen everything, the emotive Walt Disney pulls another rabbit out of his magic hat. Or should we say, a chirpy bird from his classic piano? With Once Upon a Studio, Disney is serving us a time machine, set to “vintage mode.”
In the same spot where Walt Disney himself once tapped his foot to “Feed the Birds”, we now find the legendary Richard Sherman, at 94, breathing new life into the classic. In typical Disney style, they’ve managed to make us blub like kiddies who’ve dropped their ice cream, with a 100 years celebration that’s more emotional than Bambi’s opening scene. It seems when Disney goes down memory lane, they not just feed the birds, but also our sentimental hearts. Pass the tissues, please.