Disney News Roundup: Key Updates and Events for Thursday, May 18, 2023

Disney News Roundup: May 18, 2023

Welcome to our Disney news roundup for May 18, 2023. Here, we’ll provide you with the latest news, updates, and happenings related to Disney. Let’s dive in!

Disney Cancels $1bn Campus in Florida Amid Battle with DeSantis

Disney has decided to scrap its plans to build a nearly $1bn corporate campus in Florida that would have housed 2,000 employees. This decision comes amid an ongoing legal battle with Florida’s governor, Ron DeSantis. The company had initially planned to relocate employees, including its imagineers who design theme park rides, to a new campus in Lake Nona. However, changing business conditions prompted Disney to reconsider its plans. Read More

Brawl Breaks Out at Orlando’s Disney World

A scuffle broke out at the Disney theme park in Orlando between two families. The fight ignited after one family asked another to move so they could take a group picture in front of the park’s iconic 100th year anniversary sign. Read More

Florida Teacher Resigns Over Disney Movie Controversy

Jenna Barbee, a Florida fifth-grade teacher, has resigned after being investigated for showing “Strange World,” Disney’s first movie with a gay character. Read More

Disney’s Little Mermaid Remake Allegedly Contains Jibe at Kate Middleton

An early screening of The Little Mermaid live-action remake reportedly contains an apparent jibe at Kate, the Princess of Wales. Read More

China’s Film Industry’s Dependence on Hollywood

As the political relationship between the US and China grows more rancorous, China is opening the door to US blockbusters once again. This development is starting to resemble a romance straight out of the movies. Read More

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Addresses Animal Testing

“Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” reveals Rocket Raccoon’s backstory, showing that our beloved hero was the subject of cruel laboratory experiments run by the High Evolutionary. Read More

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image of Disney cancels plans for $1bn campus in Florida amid battle with DeSantis
Disney cancels plans for $1bn campus in Florida amid battle with DeSantis


image of Brawl breaks out between two families at Orlando's Disney World
Brawl breaks out between two families at Orlando’s Disney World


image of Why China just can't quit Hollywood – video
Why China just can’t quit Hollywood – video


image of 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3' has a powerful message about animal testing