“Meet Undrill Munfus: The Heart and Soul of Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort”

Spotlight on Disney Employee, Undrill Munfus

  • Undrill Munfus, affectionately known as Drill, is the crowd-pleaser at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort.
  • Drill, an Orlando local, has been working at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort since its grand opening.
  • Her contagious laughter and bright personality are as vibrant as the colorful walls of Centertown Market, a popular dining location within the resort.
  • Whether she’s welcoming new guests or chatting with returning visitors, Drill’s unique brand of magic continues to leave a lasting impact.

Find Drill at Centertown Market

  • You can often find Drill at Centertown Market, serving up dishes with a side of her famous laughter.
  • Helping make dining at Disney a memorable experience, Drill’s service goes beyond merely serving food.
  • She’s known for engaging in warm conversations with guests, creating an inviting atmosphere throughout the dining area.

Drill’s Role in Disney’s Magic

  • As part of her role at Disney, Drill helps foster the enchanting atmosphere that the resort is known for.
  • Her infectious laughter and welcoming demeanor help make guests’ experiences at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort genuinely magical.
  • Drill represents the spirit of Disney – bright, welcoming, and committed to creating joyous experiences.

The Realist’s Take

If you’re heading to Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, listen before you look. You might just catch the echoes of laughter bouncing off the brightly colored Centertown Market walls. That’s your cue, you’ve found Drill. Our Orlando native who is less of a drill and more of a tickle feather, spreading laughter wherever she goes. And let’s face it, who wouldn’t want their burger served with a side of infectious giggles? If Disney decided to have a mascot for happiness, Drill would surely be the frontrunner. So, move aside Mickey Mouse, it’s Drill’s show now!