“Inside the Magic: A Comprehensive Guide to Disneyland’s ‘Magic Happens’ Parade”

‘Magic Happens’ Parade: The Magical Facts

  • Mickey Mouse and his pals lead the new ‘Magic Happens’ parade at Disneyland Park, combining both Walt Disney and Pixar films’ magic.
  • The parade involves a large array of artistic floats, exciting performers, and over two dozen Disney and Pixar characters frolicking along the Main Street, U.S.A.
  • Disney Live Entertainment crafts this daytime spectacular filled with diverse stories and a mix of characters, making it satisfyingly modern and classic.
  • The parade, composed of nine moving art pieces (floats), tells a unique story along with over 90 performers and more than two dozen Disney and Pixar characters.
  • It features two original parade songs and a finale score reflecting past Disney entertainment productions.
  • The parade’s costumes, inspired by modern runway fashion, are chic, stylish, yet decisively Disney-esque.
  • A new musical score by Todrick Hall influences the parade’s soundtrack and choreography, spinning a contemporary twist on classic Disney hits.
  • The parade has some noteworthy floats such as Mickey leading the parade with an iridescent magical hat, a full-scale ‘Moana’-inspired float, a vibrant ‘Coco’ float, and the longest ‘Frozen 2’ float.
  • The ‘Magic Happens’ finale celebrates iconic magical moments from various classic Disney stories with numerous revered magical Disney characters.

Viewing Parade Schedule

Guests can check Disneyland.com or the Disneyland app for the showtimes and schedule of this magical parade.

The Realist’s Take

So, ‘Magic Happens’ Parade at Disneyland finally spilled the beans! Despite today’s pop culture influence, the parade’s floats, chiming with the good ol’ nostalgia are anything but ‘Invisible’ (See what I did there? Of course, you do! You’re a Disney kid!). The tale of Moana is finally getting a legit float game at Disney Park, which means we’ll be ‘crushing’ it with Nemo and Dory. While Coco fans are strumming their guitars ecstatically, ‘Frozen 2’ fanatics are slipping into ‘Into The Unknown’ mode with a monstrous 39 feet long float. Quick question, do they play ‘Let It Go’ on repeat? We’re silently judging! What’s with the musical score by Todrick Call? Maybe, just maybe, Disney is ‘Straight Outta Oz’, pun intended! Bravo Disney! You’ve got us all under your magical spell, yet again!