“From Mushroom Farms to Shark Tank: Teenage Entrepreneur Surprised by Daymond John”

"From Mushroom Farms to Shark Tank: Teenage Entrepreneur Surprised by Daymond John"

Key Points of Recent Disney Article

  • ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’ investor and successful entrepreneur, Daymond John, surprised a young aspirant with a personal invitation to join him on set for a ‘Shark Tank’ episode taping.
  • The surprised entrepreneur is a 16-year-old named Te’Lario Watkins II, who hails from Blacklick, OH, and was totally taken aback by John’s sudden appearance while he was in the middle of an on-camera interview.
  • Watkins, from a very young age of 7, has been running his own business, Tiger Mushroom Farms, cultivating and selling gourmet mushrooms and dry mushroom products.
  • Along with his business, Watkins also manages a non-profit organization in his local community which is named the Garden Club Project, aiming to counter food insecurity issues.
  • Daymond John is one among the many celebrities participating in Disney Dreamers Academy, the Walt Disney World Resort’s mentorship program. Other participants include Olympian Sanya Richards-Ross, Hollywood stalwart Lance Gross, and up-and-coming Disney starlet Dara Renee.
  • The Disney Dreamers Academy is currently in its 17th year, hosting a five-day event focusing on broadening career awareness and opportunities for 100 Black high school students and teens from underrepresented communities across the USA.

The Realists Take

So, our headlining Shark, Daymond John, decided to play Fairy Godmother (or should we say Fairy Godshark?) for a day. He dived beneath the surface, resurfacing and surprising Te’Lario Watkins II right in the middle of his media interview. Two things we learned from this: Disney ain’t the only one making dreams come true, and Shark Tank might be exchanging its corporate waters for magical fairy dust! Now, Watkins was not only over the moon, he was probably over Neverland too! He’s been a fungi (fun guy, get it?) cultivating his gourmet mushrooms since he was a tiny mushroom of 7. Turns out, not all teen heroes wear capes or wield magic wands, some of them actually carry watering cans and draw their magic from a mushroom garden! Now we don’t know who to root for when Watkins hits the Shark Tank studio – the Sharky Godmother or the mushroom wizard!