“Exploring Zootopia: A Complete Guide to Shanghai Disney Resort’s Newest Attraction”

"Exploring Zootopia: A Complete Guide to Shanghai Disney Resort's Newest Attraction"

Key Points

  • Zootopia at Shanghai Disney Resort

  • Disney introduces the first ever Zootopia-themed area in Shanghai Disney Resort.

  • An Immersive Experience

  • The Zootopia land offers spectacularly detailed recreations of the movie’s environments including Tundratown, Bunny Burrows, and Little Rodentia.

  • Ride with Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps

  • Ride alongside the main characters in Zootopia’s major attraction – ‘Wild Times’ simulator

  • Meet Zootopia Characters

  • Take a chance to meet and greet your favourite Zootopia characters.

  • Sensational Food and Entertainment

  • Savour specially curated Zootopia-inspired food and beverages and put your paws up for Zootopia’s very own street party.

The Realist’s Take

Ever thought about zipping along Bunny Burrows with Judy Hopps or snooping around Tundratown with Nick Wilde? Well, it’s time to buckle up and get ready as Disney brings the Zootopia movie back to life at the Shanghai Disney Resort. Resurrect your dusty bunny ears and dust off your foxy tails, because it’s time to dive, or rather drive, into your wildest fantasies, feast on paws-itively delicious food and pose with your paw-fect heroes. However, don’t be surprised if you leave with antlers, as this place is guaranteed to bring out the inner Gazelle in you!