“Exploring the Magic of Sisterhood with ‘Proud Mouse’: An Interview with Disney Legend Idina Menzel and Writer Cara Mentzel”

Article Summary

  • The book “Proud Mouse” is a sequel to “Loud Mouse,” published by Disney Legend Idina Menzel (Frozen actress) and her sister, Cara Mentzel, an acclaimed writer and teacher.
  • This sequel book is about a proud mouse sister learning to find her way in the world and is aimed at young readers aged 3 to 5.
  • The idea behind the book is a dynamic exploration of sisterhood and the importance it played in Menzel’s own life.
  • The book’s story builds on the theme of embracing one’s light within, echoing the message of self-discovery from “Loud Mouse.”
  • Cara Mentzel shares how her teaching experiences influenced her storytelling, from the choice of words to injecting humor to appeal to children.
  • The book’s illustrations, by Jaclyn Sinquett, are appreciated for their sweet, funny, detailed, and beautiful artistic expression.
  • The choice of mice as main characters was because these classic characters can grow significant on the inside, despite being physically small. This contrast paints a stronger picture with the theme of the book.
  • The siblings also hint at books featuring other exciting characters in the future.

The Realist’s Take

What’s the latest in the critter county? Well, the ‘Frozen’ sensation, Idina Menzel, and her bookworm sister, Cara Mentzel are back in business! This tiny yet mighty duo is rocking the scene with a sequel to Loud Mouse, ingeniously called, wait for it – Proud mouse! It’s like “Stuart Little attends a Tony Robbins seminar” kind of thing. Young readers, fire up your imagination engines, because this mouse has got swagger! Endearing and hilarious to boot, it’s all about finding one’s inner ‘hickory dickory dock’. We’re not just mousin’ around here, folks. It’s a journey of sisterly bonding that was more likely inspired by a frozen sister than a frozen pizza. Whoever thought peculiar personalities could shine so bright, in mouse-size? An applause for our lovely teaching veteran, Cara Mentzel, who truly knows how to write books that young kids would adore – proof that those parent-teacher meetings were all worth it. Also, let’s have a round of cheddar cheese for the illustrator because we not just squeak, but speak the language of art here. Word from the mice vine is, they might also roll out more creature features in the future. Not sure who their agents are, but they sure are good!