“Experience the Magic: Why Your Kids Will Love the New Disneyland Paris Hotel”

"Experience the Magic: Why Your Kids Will Love the New Disneyland Paris Hotel"

Top 5 Reasons Your Kids Will Love the New Disneyland Hotel

  • An Enchanted Look:

    Disneyland Paris Hotel has gone through magical transformations that left it with an aesthetic similar to classic Disney fairy tales. Filled with enchanting, dreamy designs, your little bunch of mischief won’t believe they’re in a hotel, not a fairy tale!

  • Characters Come to Life:

    Say hello to Mickey, Minnie, and other Disney characters right in the hotel! Kids can indulge in character meet-and-greets without setting foot inside the park. Dreams of a breakfast with Disney icons? Absolutely possible.

  • Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, In Your Sight:

    Rooms at the Disneyland Paris Hotel offer an unparalleled view of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. Just think about your kids waking up to the sight of a real-life fairy castle; their squeals of joy alone would be worth it.

  • Tons of Fun Activities:

    Aside from the miniclub and children’s play area, the hotel offers a range of activities that will keep your children engaged. From drawing lessons to cooking classes and fun storytelling sessions, boredom is a prohibited word here!

  • Unforgettable Dining Experiences:

    Kids will love the creative and colourful Disney-themed menus at Inventions and the California Grill. If they’re lucky, they might just gorge on an iconic Mickey Mouse waffle!

The Realist’s Take

Your offspring will be enchanted by all things Disney at the reinvented Disneyland Paris Hotel – no Pixie Dust needed! Just imagine, they can prattle around in their pyjamas, chomping on Mickey Mouse-shaped waffles, while you try getting that first cup of coffee down. Now, where is that “Parent of the Year” award? Oh wait, it might be hidden under the pile of actual treasures – your kids’ smiles, memories and endless tales about the magic they witnessed. So, buckle up for a ride on this magical merry-go-round – the tickets are already being punched. Just beware, the enchantment might affect you too!