EPCOT Transformation: A Peek into its Magical Makeover in New Documentary

EPCOT Transformation: A Peek into its Magical Makeover in New Documentary

Breaking Down the Magical Makeover of EPCOT in New Documentary

  • Disney, in collaboration with National Geographic, released a new documentary titled “EPCOT Becoming: Inside the Transformation” that gives viewers a backstage pass into the redesigning of EPCOT.
  • The documentary provides a deep dive into the extensive changes made to EPCOT, enhancing it to offer an immersive Disney experience with a fresh spin.
  • Providing articulate storytelling, the documentary underlines how the park blends both fresh and familiar elements, bridging the gap between the vintage EPCOT and the park’s reimagining.
  • The viewers get to witness how the teams at Disney Imagineering and Walt Disney World Resort have worked tirelessly to remodel the park, keeping the roots of EPCOT’s philosophy intact.
  • This reforming venture has introduced a slew of new attractions, including a Ratatouille-themed ride and an out-of-the-world restaurant that takes patrons to the stars. Literally!

The Realists Take

Imagine trying to give a modern twist to beloved Aunt Mabel’s meatloaf recipe, without endearing yourself to ‘why did you change the perfect meal’ glares during the family dinner. Now times that by a gazillion, and you’ve got a rough estimate of the challenge Disney’s Imagineering team faced as they brought EPCOT into the 21st century. The new documentary, “EPCOT Becoming: Inside the Transformation,” is like a magical reality show that reveals how Disneyland’s less flashy, but deeply loved sibling, EPCOT, gets a fancy modern makeover, while still honouring its nostalgic roots. Old or new, EPCOT is still the family member that insists on a little educational value with our entertainment. And, I tell you this, if there ever was a season to binge-watch a theme park’s renovation with a tub of popcorn, this is it.