“Empowering Future Leaders: The Impact of the Disney Dreamers Academy 2024”

"Empowering Future Leaders: The Impact of the Disney Dreamers Academy 2024"

Key Points:

  • The Walt Disney World Resort in Florida brought 100 bright high school students from diverse backgrounds across the U.S. together for their 2024 class of the Disney Dreamers Academy.
  • Students were chosen based on essays detailing their life stories and future aspirations. The academy was created as part of Disney’s commitment to broaden career awareness and foster big dreams in these young minds from Black and underrepresented communities.
  • The excitement was unveiled on Martin Luther King Jr. Day with a specially made live TV segment on ABC’s “Good Morning America”. The ceremony also highlighted one young achiever, Sophia from New Jersey, who aims to be an aerospace engineer!
  • Participating students will be part of a four-day program that involves engaging with industry leaders, Disney executives, celebrities, and educators, in order to supercharge their career dreams.
  • Many essential skills such as effective communication techniques, leadership and networking strategies will be taught alongside exploration of various career disciplines.
  • Since its initiation in 2008, the Disney Dreamers Academy has inspired over 1,600 students, many of whom have become successful professionals in their respected fields, and mentors to the younger generation of Disney Dreamers.

The Realist’s Take:

Disney, a storyteller that has created magic since time immemorial, has today become Santa Claus for these young dreamers by giving them the tools they need to build their dreams. Kudos to Disney for subbing in as a Fairy Godmother and arming another batch of Cinderellas with the know-how to make it to the ball (or in this case, a brighter future). So If you’re a student with starry-eyed dreams of being a leader, mark your calendars because Disney is making dreams come true, one academy at a time. But, please note, kids, while it’s Disneyland, no sign of talking mice or a genie to grant three wishes!