“Embracing the Future: Transition from DisneylandNews.com to DisneyConnect.com – A Comprehensive Guide”

Article Key Points

  • Disney press information is transitioning to a new newsroom on DisneyConnect.com.
  • Media members are encouraged to sign up on the Disney Connect Disneyland Resort press room for access to latest news and press materials from Disneyland Resort.
  • Albeit current access to press materials still remain on DisneylandNews.com, in the forthcoming weeks they will be transitioned to the new Disney Connect page.
  • All Pixar Fest materials will be accessible from the Disney Connect page very soon.
  • Lastly, no changes will occur to the Disney Parks Blog or any other Disney news sites at this point.

The Realists Take

Micky’s playing mover and shaker yet again and this time, he’s trading the quaint “DisneylandNews.com” for a grander stay at “DisneyConnect.com”. Why, you ask? Well, he seemed to think having all his press materials under one mouse-eared roof would be far more simpler. So, to all our media friends, pack your bags and brace yourselves for Micky’s house warming at his fresh cyber resident. Vis a the new Disney Connect Disneyland Resort press room, we promise you won’t miss a single dribble of that Disney drama. And don’t fret, your favorite Disney blogs are still at the same ol’ haunts. Keep calm and scroll on!