Dive into Disney’s Nighttime Spectacle: Unveiling the Magic of ‘World of Color – ONE’

Dazzling Details of Disney’s New Showcase: ‘World of Color – ONE’

  • Launched by Disney Live Entertainment, ‘World of Color – ONE’ is a stunning nighttime spectacle at Disney California Adventure Park. It demonstrates the ripple effect that one action, like a single droplet of water, can create.
  • The show illustrates the impact of one individual’s actions on their environment, reflecting how Walt Disney’s vision inspired generations globally.
  • Show timings can be located on the Disneyland website and app. It’s recommended to reserve a spot through the virtual queue available on the app, given the first-come, first-served policy.
  • This spectacular brings to life scenes from films like ‘Moana,’ ‘Soul,’ ‘Coco,’ and more. It’s the first Disneyland Resort nighttime event to simultaneously feature characters from Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar Animation Studios, Star Wars, and the Avengers.
  • Eighteen musical compositions, including the original song ‘Start a Wave,’ performed by Loren Allred, make up the score for the spectacle.
  • The show uses 1,200 fountains to interpret different moments, projecting digital images onto a 380 feet wide water screen.
  • Guests can enjoy an interactive experience with MagicBand+, which glows and vibrates in time with ‘World of Color – ONE.’
  • Since its premiere in 2010, several versions of the ‘World of Color’ show have been presented, showcasing the creative flexibility offered by Disney Live Entertainment.

The Realist’s Take

Just when you thought Disney had peaked, they sprinkle some more pixie dust and boom – ‘World of Color – ONE’, a nighttime symphony of light, water and colour that makes the Bellagio Fountains look like a garden sprinkler. With over a thousand fountains dancing in sync to tunes from your favourite Disney films, it’s a spectacle that would make even the hard-hearted Grinch smile. Not only does it feature characters from Moana, Star Wars, and The Avengers but it also schools us on the power of individual actions, à la Walt Disney’s tear-jerking biography. The result? A multi-sensory extravaganza that’s like a shot of espresso for the eyes. Bottom line, if you’ve not yet booked tickets, get on it now. And bring some tissues, just in case.