“Disney’s Weekend Spooktacular: A Guide to Their Terrifying TV Treats”

Disney’s Spooky Weekend Line-Up

  • Werewolf by Night in Color

    — Now appearing vibrant and full of life on Disney+, this marvel comic showcases a dark and furtive night of monster hunters converging on Bloodstone Temple. Expect a blend of suspense, danger, and mystery, all in radiant colors.

  • Big City Greens

    — Airing on Disney Channel and Disney XD, this wholesome show features two stories: “Iced” and “Chipped Off,” bringing family drama and intriguing recounts to saturday morning cartoons.

  • Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas

    — Celebrating its 30th anniversary, this stop-motion classic airs on ABC, combining Halloween thrills and Christmas magic in one seamless masterpiece.

  • Toy Story of TERROR!

    — Everyone’s favorite toys embark on a dark and unanticipated detour at a roadside motel in this 2013 TV special showing on ABC.

  • The Great Halloween Fright Fight

    — Premiering on ABC, this spooky contest sees families contending in Halloween home decoration with the winner earning a $50,000 prize.

The Realists Take

Starting the buffering process already? We get it. Disney’s weekend is packed with ghoulishly entertaining content that’s enough to make you wanna bolt your doors, pop some popcorn, and keep your devices charged 24/7. From werewolf bouts in vivid colors to the animated reality of Big City Greens, Disney’s pushing the envelope’s sealed with a witch’s wax stamp. Toss in a 30-year strong pumpkin king, a rendezvous with Toy Story’s lovable characters in a more sinister setting, and a ostentatious Halloween decoration contest worth $50k and one thing’s clear: Disney’s cooking up a storm in their cauldron of entertainment. So, go ahead, invite your mummy friends(we mean that literally!) this weekend — It’s a spook-feast with Disney — monstrously fun, frightfully delightful, yet family-safe as always.