“Disney’s Grand Milestone: Welcoming the 100 Millionth Guest at Hong Kong Disneyland”

"Disney's Grand Milestone: Welcoming the 100 Millionth Guest at Hong Kong Disneyland"

Disney sets a New Record

  • Hong Kong Disneyland Park recently admitted its 100 millionth guest, as big a milestone as we’ve ever seen, setting a magical precedent in the theme park industry.
  • The historic event comes hot on the trail of the grand opening of the World of Frozen, Hong Kong Disneyland’s newest addition in its themed attractions.
  • The World of Frozen is a whimsical wonderland that brings to life the magical world of Disney’s highest-grossing animated movie, complete with the iconic ice palace and an array of interactive, immersive experiences.
  • With this breakthrough, Hong Kong Disneyland reaffirms its position as an enchanting destination that creates timeless memories for Disney fans worldwide.

The Realist’s Take

Disney proving once again that they’re the reigning champs of turning fairytales into reality, and counting dollars too! They just welcomed their 100 millionth visitor into the imaginative playground that is Hong Kong Disneyland. This is after opening the gates of Arendelle to visitors, proving themselves as the monarchs of making ‘ice’ sell quicker than hot cakes. So folks, next time you hear the jingle of coins, know that it’s probably Disney’s cash registers filling up while some adult rediscovers their love for princess dresses and magical snowmen in the World of Frozen. How’s that for a happy ending?