“Disney Unearthed: Revealing Weird and Wonderful Secrets”

Unraveling the Quirkiness of Disney’s Secrets

  • Disney is not just about wonder and fantasy, it harbors a myriad of weird, yet enchanting facts that even its most ardent fans might not be aware of.
  • National Geographic Kids’ Weird But True! series reveals lesser-known facets of Disney’s films, parks, and experiences, making Disney whimsical in the weirdest possible way.
  • From the unsolved mystery at the apex of Disneyland’s Matterhorn to Mickey Mouse’s debut dialogues, the series uncovers a variety of mind-boggling titbits.
  • The series even explains the number of balloons it would take to recreate the iconic airborne house scene from Up, sure to tantalize your curiosity.
  • A visit to Disney parks or a movie night is now much more fun with novel trivia to sprinkle into conversations!
  • Launched on September 26, 2023, National Geographic Kids Weird But True! Disney is accessible across all major bookstores. For extra insight, click here!

The Realists Take

Now here’s an excuse to splurge on another Disney book! Because who can sleep knowing that there’s an undisclosed mystery shrouded behind Disneyland’s Matterhorn? Or that poor Up’s Carl could have saved on insurance by opting for a few more or less balloons? Or even comprehend that our comfortably mute Mickey Mouse, in fact, had a voice before Minnie “conveniently” lost her hearing aid? Buckle up as you navigate Disney’s enchanted weirdscape, where secrets are as commonplace as pixie dust. And remember, Disney: making overgrown adults squeal in joy over obscure facts about anthropomorphic mice since 1923.