“Disney Treasure Welcome Aboard: Meet Darren McBurney, Your New Cruise Director”

Key Points

  • Darren McBurney has been appointed as the Cruise Director for the Disney Treasure.
  • The role of a Cruise Director is vital for both the crew and the sailing guests.
  • The Cruise Director starts off the morning show, introduces nighttime entertainment, and can be heard throughout the day on the ship.

The Realist’s Take

Ahoy Mateys! Swab the decks and hoist the main sail, because Darren McBurney has just been appointed the Cruise Director for the Disney Treasure. But this isn’t your ordinary “I’m the king of the world” kind of cruise gig; it’s more like “I’m the king of Simba, Elsa, Mickey, and Goofy’s world” instead. From waking sleepy-eyed vacationers with the morning show to lulling them with evening serenades, his voice will be the ship’s own personal Mickey-narrated GPS. So, all aboard folks and let’s hope his directions aren’t as confusing as navigating through Disneyland on a crowded Saturday. And in case you were wondering, no word yet on whether Captain Hook has sent his CV for the next available Disney Cruise role. Y’know, just for a change of scene from the Neverland Jolly Roger.