“Disney Salutes Veterans: Introducing the Military-Inspired Merchandise Collection”

"Disney Salutes Veterans: Introducing the Military-Inspired Merchandise Collection"

Disney Honors Veterans with a New Merchandise Collection

  • Disney salutes retired U.S. Navy Captain, Cappy Surette, as one of the veterans inside the company.
  • As senior manager of communications for Disney Experiences, Cappy is leading the charge on a new initiative.
  • Cappy Surette is one of the key forces behind Disney’s first-ever military-inspired merchandise collection.
  • The merchandise is designed by the Disney Parks Merchandise team as a tribute to those who serve.
  • This special project aims to honor and celebrate veterans and active military personnel for their bravery and service to the nation.

The Realist’s Take

Now here’s a salute that’s no goofy gag – Disney and their army of artists have been secretly strategizing in the trenches to launch an all-out assult on our hearts AND wallets! They’ve marshaled their resources to honor the brave-hearted with a military-inspired merchandise collection. Leading this strategic operation is Mickey’s Right-Hand man, Cappy Surette, a retired Navy Captain no less. Get ready for a parade of parkas, camo caps, and mouse-ear medals that will make even the toughest soldier go all ‘Snow White’ inside!