“Disney Honors US Air Force with Historic Flyover: Celebrating Centennial and Military Appreciation Month”

Disney Salutes U.S. Air Force with Spectacular Flyover

  • Walt Disney World Resort kicked their military respect up a notch; they hosted a U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds flyover at Magic Kingdom Park and EPCOT, marking the beginning of National Veterans and Military Families Month.
  • The Thunderbirds went all out, showcasing their capabilities with a first-ever flight over two Walt Disney World theme parks.
  • It got even more magical with a second pass over Magic Kingdom, featuring the Thunderbirds’ famous delta maneuver. This gave the impression of a live ‘jet-works’ display, with the jets zooming over Cinderella Castle in different directions.
  • This incredible spectacle marked a joint celebration: Disney’s centennial and the Thunderbirds’ 70th anniversary. Talk about the stars aligning!
  • This flyover is just the latest in Disney’s long-standing tradition of paying tribute to members of the United States military. “Hats off” is just not enough to say.

B-roll & Soundbites

Footage from this breathtaking event is now available on WDWNews.com.

The Realist’s Take

Disney has always had a thing for dreamy, fairy-tale fireworks. This time though, they cranked it up a notch (or a thousand). Pairing up with the Thunderbirds, they replaced the fireworks with a spectacular flyover. Perfect way to say ‘Happy Birthday’ to themselves and ‘Thank You’ to the military, all at once. Looking at it a bit comically, Prince Charming must have freaked out – usually, when the magic in his kingdom gets this intense, a wicked stepmother is about to make an appearance. Jokes aside, this rare festivity illustrates how Disney is never short on creativity when it comes to honoring our military heroes. A salute to you, Disney – and ten more to our military heroes.