Disney Cruises: Crowned Best for Families by Cruise Critic

Disney Cruises: Crowned Best for Families by Cruise Critic

Disney Triumphant at Cruise Critic

  • The esteemed editors of Cruise Critic have announced their annual top picks for cruising companies across various categories.
  • Among the laureates, two of Disney’s spectacular cruise offerings bagged the honor of being the “Best for Families”. These accolades were given across the river cruise and ocean cruise categories.
  • In the river cruise category, Adventures by Disney was declared as the best cruise for families, leaving competitors in its frothy wakes.
  • Mirroring its river-cruising counterpart’s win, Disney Cruise Line too sailed to success, being awarded “Best for Families” in the ocean cruise category.
  • With such recognitions, Disney has secured its place as the best provider of seafaring fun for families, fostering unforgettable experiences both on the high seas and tranquil rivers.

“The Realist’s Take”

In a display of dedicated commitment to the craft of family cruising, Disney’s boat bash has won the crest for being the finest in family ocean and river cruises. Like the captain nailing a three-pointer in Captain Hook’s face, Adventures by Disney and Disney Cruise Line landed this win in style. So pack those sunscreens and Mickey Mouse ears, folks, because according to the critics, if it ain’t Disney, it ain’t a family cruise. But remember, while Disney has officially ‘cruised’ to victory, please keep your hands, arms, and mouse ears inside the boat at all times…